About Us

About Us

Crystallation is a sustainable jewelry brand committed to handcrafted spiritual and dainty jewelry. We strive to empower woman to wear who and what they are, without breaking the bank. We seek to build a long-lasting brand on the foundation of essential layered pieces that are classic, timeless, and make for the perfect gift. 

We love collaboration with our fans and would love to hear about your spiritual journey!

Our Promise

Sustainably made - we do everything with sustainability at the front of our minds. Our manufacturers use recycled gold, and our materials can last the wear and tear of everyday life. We are against fast fashion - we don't believe in making pieces that you only wear once and then toss.


Waterproof & hypoallergenic - our gold filled stainless steel and gold vermeil (coming soon!) are both waterproof and safe for sensitive skin! They're very durable materials without the hefty price tag associated with solid gold.


30 Day Return Policy - we offer free an easy 30 day return policy. Simply email us if anything is wrong and we will take care of any troubles!